How Sustainable Luxury Can Save The Planet

How Sustainable #Luxury Can Save The Planet via @HuffPostBiz


While people are positive about the idea of sustainability in principle, these perceptions are often overshadowed by various perceived ‘negative’ attributes. Many people view sustainability as being costly, unnecessary, or disruptive to their everyday life.

The same can be said about luxury brands, but purchasing them is considered a privilege rather than a nuisance. Then again, sustainable products also share the same ‘essential’ qualities of luxury goods: They call for extraordinary creativity and design, they need to be made from exceptional materials, with good quality and they are rare and expensive. It seems that the two concepts are not that far apart from each other.

At the beginning, luxury brands were mostly small family businesses operated by high-quality artisans and craftspeople that had highly specialized areas of expertise for which they had obtained a global reputation. Their products have always been sustainable, but have not been promoted as such – that is, until recently.

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