Karl Lagerfeld directs new short film for Chanel

According to Luxuo.com:

Filmed in black and white the fun four-minute clip features a split-screen comic book style and dialogue boxes. Shot at the Chanel store on 31 rue Cambon, British fashionista Lady Amanda Harlech plays an important client who arrives at the brand’s famous Paris boutique for a private show.

American model Jamie Bochert plays the nervous manager of the store awaiting Harlech, who arrives on a motorbike, catching Bochert off-guard.

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Luxury Brands Are Different

#Luxury Brands Are Different onforb.es/1p7VRDA via @Forbes

There was a time when it was said that luxury brands were recession-proof. You could safely say that because luxury brands possess something regular brands don’t – an increased emotional engagement quotient that provides consumers with products that possess an added-value well beyond primacy of product. A bag is a bag, right? Wrong! As every fashionista knows, a Hermés (sic) Kelly bag is not just a “bag.” Neither is their Birkin just a bag. Nor is Chloe’s Paddington, Fendi’s Baguette, Dior’s Saddle or Louis Vuitton ’s Murakami just something to hold personal items. It’s the brand that’s different.


Over the years Brand Keys has observed that luxury goods have precisely the same engagement drivers as regular goods competing in the same category. The difference is that consumers hold higher expectations for those engagement drivers when it comes to luxury goods. Held to a higher standard, if you will. 

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Luxe & Digital – Interview de Michel Gutsatz sur le retail

RT @RaphMalka: Luxe & Digital – Interview de Michel Gutsatz sur le retail ! bit.ly/Uk0cLB @CathCervoni @NathOllier @SANDDELA

Michel Gutsatz, doyen Associé de Kedge Business School, directeur des MBA et auteur de l’ouvrage (entre autres)  « Luxe et Retail – Le point de vente, lieu d’excellence » avec Michel Chevalier, directeur des programmes chez Sup de Luxe (Dunod Editions – 2013).

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