Attempting to (re)define luxury, today

Attempting to (re)define luxury, today @cppluxury

Luxury is about imagination and surprise – that ‘WOW factor’. Luxury is about happiness, nurtured by the intensity of our desires, and, indirectly, about how and what we value as priceless. Luxury is about our nature of not taking ourselves too seriously and always allowing us to dream. Luxury is about freedom of choice. Luxury is about being in control of our destiny. Luxury is about art and the dialogue we perceive between art and luxury. Luxury is equally about sensitivity and power.

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Sustainability and Luxury

Sustainability is embedded in the very concept of luxury. A cornerstone of luxury is the long-lasting endurance of an item. And if one of the key roles of our industry is to beautify the world, we have no greater responsibility than 
to do so ethically and sustainably.

Marie-Claire Daveu, chief sustainability officer and head of international institutional affairs at Kering



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